During This 7-Hour Audio-Course You Will…

Explore The 9 Realms & Essential Tools Of Manifestation & Finally Open Your
Subconscious Mind To Abundance

Dr. Jarow Will Teach You How To Harness The Power Of Synchronicities &
Align Your Own Talents With The Universe To Help You Find Your True Path

Imagine Being Able To Hear The Voice Of The Universe…

What would it be like to never feel “lost” on your life’s path again? To know exactly where you need to be at all times? To be aware of the opportunities, coincidences, and happy accidents simply waiting for you to find them?

It’s time to stop imagining.

The truth is, the universe is speaking to you every day. The clues surround you everywhere you go: in messages and signs directing you toward a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

With Rick Jarow’s powerful Advanced Manifestation Program, you no longer have to leave your life to chance. Rick’s simple, step-by-step curriculum teaches you how to decode the messages the universe is sending you. Without anxiety or guesswork.

About The Author

Rick Jarow

Rick Jarow, PhD, is a practicing alternative career counselor, a professor of religion at Vassar College, and author of the books Creating the Work You Love, In Search of the Sacred, Alchemy of Abundance and more. His acclaimed seminars, based on years of research and practice with lineage holders in both Eastern and Western traditions, focus on intersecting inner experience with effective action in the world.

He has spent decades studying the inner workings of the world’s major religions — and has identified the common teachings that ANYONE can use to align themselves with the powerful currents of the universe.

Rick Jarow
What You’ll Learn

Here’s What The Advanced Manifestation Program Will Do For You:

  • Learn to align your own talents and desires with the universe and remove stubborn blocks and obstacles that have been holding you back.
  • Master the two basic principles of manifesting and open your subconscious mind to abundance.
  • Understand why “luck” has NOTHING to do with achieving success or manifesting abundance — and how to harness the power of coincidences and synchronicities to help you find your true path.
  • Learn the five archetypal challenges that every human being shares — and how these powerful and ancient patterns may be holding you back in life.
  • Discover the unique gifts that only you possess — and learn how to leverage them to finally make your highest visions a reality.

Couse Information

Your Course Includes:

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Chapter 1: Manifestation, Abundance, Tantra & Virtue

In this introductory chapter, Dr. Jarow explains the basic terms used in the program, as well as the powerful and practical tools you will be using to transform your values into effective action. During your first meditation, you will open your subconscious to greatness and abundance.


Chapter 2: The Art Of Manifestation

You will begin your journey of manifestation by learning the two basic principles of manifestation. Dr. Jarow will also teach you what the Buddha calls “the middle way,” living in conscious action. Stepping into a centering exercise, you will visualize a project you are currently trying to manifest — and turn it into a reality.


Chapter 3: The Basic Principles Of Sadhana

Sadhana is a spiritual practice that brings clarity and puts things into alignment. In this chapter, Dr. Jarow will lead you through several guided visualizations about the first three realms of manifestation: body, possessions and machines.


Chapter 4: A Sense Of Place

An essential part of manifestation is being grounded in a place and returning to a sense of essence. In order to reconnect with your roots, Dr. Jarow will guide you through a visualization to unlock the fourth realm of place-making, the fifth realm of the divine child and the sixth realm of organization.


Chapter 5: Manifestation & The Other

Your personal manifestation journey has everything to do with everyone else’s manifestation. This chapter is about honoring your agreement with others, and creating good karma in order to manifest successfully. The seventh realm, about manifestation and the other, goes deeper in the relationship between people, while the eighth and ninth realms give you tools to manifest.


Chapter 6: The Triumph Of Principle

In this last chapter, you will discover the importance of owning what it is that you do. To do this, you need to be able to say “I am,” followed by what you believe you are. This powerful technique allows you to blossom in your role and see yourself as supporting society. In the very last visualization in the program, you will move into a deep visionary space where your past and future are side by side.

What Students Say

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Advanced Manifestation Program:

“No woo-woo stuff”

“Rick’s work is so amazing, and this is the best of the best… I listen to these CDs all the time in my car, they are in constant rotation… (Well, every once in a while he gets bumped for some Buddhist chanting)… Not your run-of-the-mill New Agey woo-woo stuff, but rather, a wonderful guide into the deeper well of your being…”

  • Gmoleski
    As seen on Amazon.com

“This program was packed with ideas.”

“I was not familiar with Jarow’s work and this was a wonderful introduction. Listening to him was a pleasure, ideas were thoroughly explored and the meditations very creative. It was all-inclusive in terms of intellectual and emotional content which was a welcome balance. I have listened to this program more than once, each time getting something new and will be listening many more times to come. I’m not as oriented toward the group as Dr. Jarow but that did not prevent me from finding value in this program. Very highly recommended.”

  • Sharon H
    As seen on Soundstrue.com

“I enjoyed the audiobook.”

“The author’s voice is good. He gave some very good information about manifesting desires (in which I thought was rare and beautiful)… Mr. Jarow explains that we have to be patience while desires manifest. That’s true, but there is a much better answer to this ‘lag-time’ process. The audiobook version I purchased and listened to lasted [about] hours and 28 minutes, which is enough time to go into detail about it.”

  • D. Lloyd
    As seen on Amazon.com

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“I have listened to this program more than once.”

“Listening to him was a pleasure, ideas were thoroughly explored and the meditations very creative. It was all-inclusive in terms of intellectual and emotional content which was a welcome balance. I have listened to this program more than once, each time getting something new and will be listening many more times to come.”

  • Sharon H
    As seen on Soundstrue.com

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