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Join Us In This First-Of-Its-Kind Spiritual Community As We Bring Together The World’s Most Enlightened Teachers & Evolved Students Like You To Elevate Your Consciousness, Vibration & Spirituality, Every Month For The Rest Of Your Life.

Join A High-Vibrational Community & A Noble Mission You Can Be Proud Of

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Soulvana is the tribal dynamics built into its core essence, every monthly training.

Soulvana is a first-of-its-kind community & the ultimate platform for spiritual people, designed to elevate your spirituality, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

When you join Soulvana, you are joining a tribe of the best spiritual teachers, healers, lightworkers, coaches and high-vibrational people who chose love and light as their guiding force, and are committed to supporting you & one another.

And you will also be joining the greatest mission in the history of modern humanity.

A mission of healing humanity from emotional, physical, mental & spiritual disconnection.

A mission of freeing humanity from the chains of artificially created fear, anger, hatred, separation & depression.

A mission of raising the vibration of humanity to frequencies of love, light, peace, compassion & forgiveness.

Soulvana Elevates Your Consciousness, Vibration & Spiritual Evolution in 8 Ways

1. The World’s Greatest Spiritual Teachers, Authors, Practitioners & Healers Come to One Platform.

You’ll learn from the world’s greatest souls in one holistic learning platform focused on spiritual topics, designed to raise your consciousness, awareness and vibration.

The collection of teachers coming to Soulvana represent many of the best souls in the world: Neale Donald Walsch, Wendy De Rossa, Jeffrey Armstrong, as well as talented newcomers who are rising stars. More on our teachers and programs below.

2. A New Original Training With Practical Curriculum. Every Month. Done As A Community.

Every month Soulvana offers a new adventure. You’ll receive a new life-changing training episode with a world-class spiritual and mindfulness teacher monthly.

Each training comes with a lecture designed to expand your awareness & knowledge, tools for practical application in your everyday life and an interactive learning curriculum delivered through our renowned online community.

The learning curriculum will gently guide you & hundreds of other students though the month as you embark together on this path of self exploration and transformation.

3. Unlimited Access To Entire Library Of Past Trainings.

All Soulana trainings are designed to be timeless. The moment you join Soulvana you get unlimited access to all the trainings and their dedicated community discussions.

You can access everything through your account, on your computer or phone.

4. A Safe, Private & Sacred Online Community Of High-Vibrational People Like You, Committed to Supporting You & Each Other.

Soulvana comes with a private online community where spiritual teachers & high-vibrational students from all around the world come together to provide support and encouragement to one another.

Here you can read or participate in discussions about Soulvana trainings or about spirituality, share your insights and learnings, build authentic friendships and soulful connections with other members, have a safe environment to open up, share your challenges and vulnerabilities. And much, much more.

5. TribeClass: Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution With Peer Learning.

As a member of Soulvana you get to learn not only from the teachers we film, produce and publish for you through high-quality, original Soulvana trainings, but also from other Soulvana members who are also teachers, authors, practitioners & healers themselves.

Every TribeClass teacher has their own channel where they share with you their wisdom, gifts, strengths and super-powers in their own unique way through self-recorded videos.

As a member of Soulvana you get access to all TribeClass channels.

6. Get published on Soulvana. Spread your message & showcase your gifts to our growing audience.

If you are a spiritual teacher, healer, coach or practitioner yourself, we can apply to get your own TribeClass channel where you can showcase your gifts and knowledge to our growing audience through self-recorded videos that you can record with your phone or web cam.

This is a great avenue for getting your name and message out to the world, building a loyal following, acquiring new clients and giving your practice that extra boost.

7. TribeCare: The Peer-To-Peer Healing Platform That Lets You & Other Users Exchange Healing Energy & Offer Emotional Support To Each Other.

TribeCare is our new peer-to-peer healing platform in the making, designed to raise human vibrations, by enabling users exchange healing energy & high-vibration emotions with each other.

With TribeCare you can request & receive healing energy from other users, or send healing energy to people in need. It’s like Uber or Airbnb, but for energy healing.

TribeCare is in the works, so not only would you be among the first group of people to try out the TribeCare technology, but you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in it’s making.

8. TribeRadiance: Join thousands of people in synchronous group meditations & healing sessions to re-energize yourself & radiate positive healing to the world.

TribeRadiance is a platform for synchronous group meditations & energy work, lead by grand master healers and meditators, where people from all over the world come together to meditate at the same time to heal and re-energize themselves and to radiate positive healing energy to the environment and the rest of society.

TribeRadiance is in the works, so not only would you be among the first group of people to try out the TribeRadiance technology, but you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in it’s making.

Meet the Legendary Spiritual Teachers Creating Transformational Learning Experiences for Soulvana

These Life-Changing Trainings With Over 10 hours of Video Content Are Already Available For You. Plus, You’ll Receive One New Training Monthly.
Jeffrey Armstrong

Best-selling author. Practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 40 years.

Jill Angelo

Usui reiki master, archetypal consultant & author who combines her business acumen with spiritual altruism.

Brett Bevell

A Reiki master since 1995, distant energy healer & spiritual advisor.

Mark Matousek

Bestselling author & teacher whose work inspired thousands to reach their artistic, spiritual & personal goals.

Wendy De Rosa

International intuitive energy healer, teacher and author.

Richard Bock

Discover the breathwork that is widely described as “the foundation for meditation, self-realization, centering and grounding”.

Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution With
Interactive TribeClass Channels

Remarkable Soulvana members who are also spiritual teachers, authors, practitioners
& healers themselves share their wisdom and super-powers through their videos

Being a Courageous Light

Klemen Struc, the CEO & chief lightworker of Soulvana, teaches you how to be a courageous & bright soul of light, and how confidently pursue your soul’s grand calling.

with Klemen Struc



with Klemen Struc



Creating A Miraculous Life

Maria Kellis, a highly gifted intuitive, entrepreneur and spiritual healer, teaches you how to create a miraculous life of wellness, freedom and abundance.

with Maria Kellis



with Maria Kellis



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