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Harness Your Energy, Enrich Your Spiritual Life & Enhance Your Sense Of Joy & Wellbeing

Activate Your Energetic Ability To Heal Both Physically & Spiritually With This Foundational Course From Respected Medical Intuitive — Caroline Myss

Let’s Start With The Basics

While conventional medicine looks at the human body as a biological machine with a physical anatomy, Caroline Myss invites you to see it as a vast energetic network, where spirit, matter and power intersect.

After working with thousands of patients, Myss has decoded the process of how the chakra energy centers work. This energetic system is as well-defined as your bones and tissue, and represents your “energy anatomy.”

By being able to read into the complex energetic “database” that records your entire life and encoded thought, she has been able to link specific illnesses with past emotional traumas — and solved the puzzle of why some people heal, while others don’t.

Through Myss’ characteristic high-voltage storytelling, you can learn how to take back control over your life and your health through a spiritual/biological lens that offers a new picture of how the human body heals.

Join her on this path of insight into the human energy system, and learn the part of the healing equation overlooked by conventional medicine:

Your own spirit’s unlimited capacity for self-healing and Divine connection.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

~ Caroline Myss
About The Author

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.

A leading voice in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, Caroline holds degrees in journalism, theology, intuition, and energy medicine. Caroline’s work has attracted widespread media coverage. After appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah gave Caroline her own television program on the OXYGEN network, which ran successfully for one year.

Additionally, Caroline maintains a rigorous workshop and lecture schedule internationally and continues a consultation practice with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health practitioners, as a medical intuitive.

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What You’ll Learn

Here’s What Energy Anatomy
Will Do For You:

  • Give you insights into the seven different energy centers of your body to provide a vital self-healing program for physical and spiritual disorders.
  • Detox your physical and spiritual systems, which have been poisoned by negative emotions and trauma.
  • Explore the hidden interactions of beliefs and body, soul and cells to show you how “your biography becomes your biology.”
  • Provide a solid foundation to the principles of intuitive diagnosis that will support your healing for life AND guides you to overcome the mental blocks that keep you from becoming well.
  • Teach you practical techniques, such as, “self-scanning” (a daily energy check-up you can do yourself) and “symbolic sight” (a code to an archetypal language for mastering your health).

Couse Information

Your Course Includes:

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Session 1: What Is Energy Anatomy

The series begins with a personal story about Caroline Myss’ background as a medical intuitive and energy healer. Through her personal journey, Caroline explains how our physical bodies are a construction of spiritual power.


Session 2: Tribal Consciousness

You’ll begin the first step of healing your energetic system by unplugging from all the distracting energies around you. Then, Caroline will walk you through the first chakra and how it represents tribal or group energy.


Session 3: The Need To Control

In this session, you will learn about the need to control — and how you can let go of that need to live independently of others.


Session 4: Developing Self-Love

While the first three chakras represent your relationship with physical power, the chakras above your waist represent internal power. Here, you’ll begin the journey to self-empowerment by understanding the relationship between the chakras and not allowing your lower chakras to control your upper chakras.


Session 5: Living Your Honor Code

Learn the value of self-love and how to evaluate all the emotional investments you have made. This will allow you to invest yourself in others with love and faith rather than fear.


Session 6: Willpower

Learn how to develop your willpower, and use it to control yourself rather than others, by tapping into the energy center for willpower — which plays a key role in the journey to self-empowerment.


Session 7: Your Spiritual Bank Account

In this powerful chapter, learn how to remove untruthful thoughts from your mind and break down negative and doubting beliefs.


Session 8: The Tree Of Life: Coming Home To God

The tree of life starts at the seventh chakra and moves down through the following chakras. Caroline will teach you about the different levels in the sefirot or tree of life — and how to connect with divine power.


Session 9: Illness & Self-Healing

This last session goes through different illnesses and how they can be healed with our seven energy systems. By knowing which chakras relate to certain illnesses, you will be able to live a naturally healthy life.

What Students Say

Here’s What People Are Saying
About Energy Anatomy:

“If you really want to understand your chakras and all the data we store there and how it affects our lives, it is well worth a listen. Every time I listen, I hear something new.”

  • Patricia Duffy

“This took me on a path and journey I never thought I would take. It opened up a whole new world of thought and possibilities.”

  • Christina Scatollin

“Thank you, the teachings helped me a great deal to appreciate my body. From now on, I never look at my body [the] same way! The body is a temple for the spirit. How wonderful is this?”

  • Jolanka Muratovic

“Caroline Myss, What else can you say. She is to the point. Her insights are alive and current, flowing perfectly from energetic dynamics that constantly arise and unfold in our world and in our lives. Her wisdom truly touches my life in a vitally corrective way. This is living information and deep wisdom. Transformative.”

  • Martha Neavesf

“[Energy] is a wonderful introduction into the science of energy and healing. Myss goes into the chakras and how certain health issues can stem from specific kinds of stress and/or emotional blockages… Her style is graceful enough [to] be just as easy to understand. I look forward to reading more of her works, and plan to send copies of this book to my loved ones. How wonderful would it be if all illnesses could be cured, without the intervention of modern medicine as we know it?”

  • Amisha Mehta, Review on

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“Her wisdom truly touches my life”

“Caroline Myss, What else can you say. She is to the point. Her insights are alive and current, flowing perfectly from energetic dynamics that constantly arise and unfold in our world and in our lives. Her wisdom truly touches my life in a vitally corrective way. This is living information and deep wisdom. Transformative.”

  • Martha Neavesf

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