Much-Anticipated Follow-Up Course To Energy Anatomy — In This 9-Hour Audio Course You Will…

Make The Next Step Of Empowerment & Excavate The Deep Unconscious Forces That Block The Flow Of Your Energy…
In The Most Unexpected Places

Join Caroline Myss On An Advanced Path Of Energy Healing & Manifestation —
Through The Science Of Co-Creation & The Power Of Choice Available Only To You

Nobody wants to look back on their life and see how wonderful it could have been… had they not been afraid to live it.

And the truth is, you have no reason to be afraid.

The dream you have for your life is within reach, so long as the Divine is your partner in creation.

Ask yourself:

Do you struggle to create a true, lasting connection to the divine when you meditate or pray?
Are you faced with life-changing moments, but don’t know how to navigate your way?
Do you have trouble manifesting what you really want out of life?
Do you have a strong gut feeling that a bigger life of passion and purpose is waiting for you… but you just can’t seem to find the path to it?

Now in one spirit-expanding curriculum, Advanced Energy Anatomy: The Science Of Co-Creation And Your Power Of Choice, helps you take the next step in your evolution as an energetic being, through co-creation with the sacred power that makes everything in life possible.

“Keep your honor code between you and God, you don’t break that, no matter who’s not looking. God is.”

~ Caroline Myss
About The Author

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.

A leading voice in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, Caroline holds degrees in journalism, theology, intuition, and energy medicine. Caroline’s work has attracted widespread media coverage. After appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah gave Caroline her own television program on the OXYGEN network, which ran successfully for one year.

Additionally, Caroline maintains a rigorous workshop and lecture schedule internationally and continues a consultation practice with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health practitioners, as a medical intuitive.

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What You’ll Learn

Here’s What The Advanced Energy Anatomy Will Do For You:

  • Learn advanced energy anatomy and how to apply it to the most important areas of your daily life: money, relationships, career, creativity and spirituality. Master your body’s energy matrix, so you can unfold your hidden potential.
  • Master the seven principles of co-creation: a new tool for working with the chakras — even if you’ve always found working with them challenging or mysterious.
  • Discover how to cultivate the three types of intuition and how to overcome the most common intuition block.
  • Learn how to turn every thought you have into a powerful prayer and receive an answer ­ immediately.
  • Explore the Paradox of The Divine and its primary language — so that you learn how to navigate your soul safely.
  • Gain a new perspective on the four survival archetypes and how they relate to problems of health, addiction, self-esteem and victimhood — so that you stop falling into the same traps over and over again.
  • Face the demons of depression — a symptom of blocked creativity and tools to overcome it.
  • Uncover what kind of career you really need — how to create the ideal career that respects your unique gifts and serves your higher purpose, so that you can harness…
  • The energy of money, its subconscious role in your life, and how to make it work to your abundant advantage — even if you’ve always struggled with it.

“Intuition is natural by-product of flowering of a mature self-esteem and a sense of empowerment — not power over, but power to be.”

~ Caroline Myss
Couse Information

Your Course Includes:

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Session 1: The Principles Of Co-Creation

In this first session, you’ll learn how the power of choice is misunderstood and how you can make the right choices to create a satisfying life.


Session 2: The Four Archetypes Of Survival

Learn how to create your own reality by confronting the four survival archetypes and break down your prior wiring.


Session 3: Examining Your Relationship With Money

Money is an energy that is part of your everyday life. This session will walk through how to face your issues with money in order to let go of the authority it has over your life.


Session 4: Pursuing A Spiritual Vocation

Learn how to make the transition from work to a vocation that provides spiritual fulfillment and how to access your financial paradigms.


Session 5: Relationships & Archetypal Patterns

Relationships are where you learn the most about yourself. Here, you’ll learn each of the four archetypes in relationships and address common relationship questions.


Session 6: Creativity Through The Chakras

Creativity is not limited to expression through arts, but manifests in all aspects of your life. Learn how to become a conscious source of inspiration and activate your creative sources by opening your chakras.


Session 7: Breaking Addictive Patterns

The major block to our energy flow is addiction — this includes addiction to abuse, attitudes, and negative patterns. In this session, you’ll discover a profound power of will that can break addictions and let your source energy flow.


Session 8: The Mysterious Will Of Divinity

During this session you will explore the paradox of the Divine and how to navigate your soul through life.


Session 9: The Co-Creator’s Toolbox

Unlock your most important tool in the co-creation toolbox: intuition. In the final session, you’ll learn how to access the three levels of intuition that are a natural companion to co-creation: survival, creative and visionary.

What Students Say

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Advanced Energy Anatomy:

“Answers to questions that have plagued me for years”

Advanced Energy Anatomy has given me answers to questions that have plagued me for years ! I love Caroline Myss. I get in my car, and play the CD’s and I feel like I have a trusted and wise friend there beside me…. and in a way… I do!”

  • Kathleen Judge

“I never look at my body [the] same way!”

“Thank you, the teachings helped me a great deal to appreciate my body. From now on, I never look at my body [the] same way! The body is a temple for the spirit. How wonderful is this?”

  • Jolanka Muratovic

“Her wisdom truly touches my life”

“Caroline Myss, what else can you say. She is to the point. Her insights are alive and current, flowing perfectly from energetic dynamics that constantly arise and unfold in our world and in our lives. Her wisdom truly touches my life in a vitally corrective way. This is living information and deep wisdom. Transformative.”

  • Martha Neavesf

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  • A nine-hour audio course, spread over nine sessions.
  • Seven principles of co-creation and how to apply them.
  • Guide to archetypes of survival and in relationships.
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“Her wisdom truly touches my life”

“Caroline Myss, what else can you say. She is to the point. Her insights are alive and current, flowing perfectly from energetic dynamics that constantly arise and unfold in our world and in our lives. Her wisdom truly touches my life in a vitally corrective way. This is living information and deep wisdom. Transformative.”

  • Martha Neavesf

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